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My new v1 log for dec 17/08

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1 My new v1 log for dec 17/08 on Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:55 pm


* I will be locking this topic so if you wanna post post in a new topic under log responses Wink
DAY#1-This time around im starting strait from scratch Smile So after the egg hatched,its a girl so i named her Abie.Since she is a babyitchi i will be feeding her snacks instead of playing games Wink Just the game jump will be played.Around 1 hour later he evolved into Muritchi!
Well thats it for day 1

DAY#2-Well i woke up early so i also woke up my tama early.Here is something i forgot in the last post a good old stat check Twisted Evil

I have had him asleep all day i hope he doesnt party all night lol!
Well thats it for day#2 illupdate tommorow What a Face

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